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Accessories Increase Your Riding Fun!

One of the great things about cycling is that you'll find an almost unlimited selection of add-ons to customize your bicycle and help you enjoy riding. But what accessories do you really need?

We've put together this list to help, and grouped things into two categories: Essential Accessories, which are those items you shouldn't leave home without; and Other Goodies, which are things many cyclists also enjoy having.

You can even print this out as a shopping list to cross off stuff you already have and to remember those products you'd like to get later. Have a birthday coming up? Leave your wish list where family and friends will see it.

Essential Accessories for Road and Off-Road Biking

Assuming you've already got a bike, you only need these few key accessories (listed by importance) to be safe and comfortable while riding and to be able to deal with the one breakdown that might occur, the flat tire. (Relax! Flats aren't that hard to fix. Ask us to tell you how.)

What it is:

Why you need it:


A lifesaver in an accident

Good lock and holder

A bike saver

Pump that fits your frame

Use to fix flats

Spare tube

To replace punctured tubes

Tire levers

Eases tire removal

Water bottle and cage

Makes it easy to stay hydrated

Patch kit

For patching popped tubes


Adds comfort and protects hands

Mini all-in-one tool

Just in case an adjustment is needed

Seat bag

A way to carry all this stuff


Protection from airborne debris

Cycling shorts

They’re padded for comfort

Energy bars

Calories in case you tire

Sun block

Prevents sunburn

Other Goodies

What it is:

Why you'll want it:

Dress for Success

cycling shoes & socks

increase comfort & efficiency

cycling jersey (short & long sleeve)

comfy with rear pockets for gear

cycling tops (for women)

comfy, pockets, high visibility


keep knees & legs warm


protection from wind & rain

leg & arm warmers

easy on/off; fit in pocket

rain jacket

keeps you dry and warm

booties (shoe covers)

protects toes from cold & wet

long-finger gloves

warm & protect hands and fingers

Get all the Right Gear

front light or lighting system

be safe at night & expand your ride time

flasher taillight

be seen after dark


friendly warning device

hydration system

carry your favorite sports drink

hydration system cleaning kit

kills nasty germs


shows/records speed, pace & distance

rear rack

carry more stuff

aero handlebars

for a stretched-out, streamlined position

Be Fit for Life

heart-rate monitor

a tachometer for your heart

indoor trainer

bike in front of the TV

computerized indoor trainer

a virtual-reality cycling station

home gym

build strength without the club

Bike Repair is Fun

floor pump

has air to spare

maintenance book

learn how to fix your bike

bike repair stand

supports the bike so you don't have to

wheel-truing stand

helpful for fixing wobbly wheels

bicycle tool kit

cool tools for fixing your ride

Hit the Road & Trail

panniers (saddlebags)

bring the kitchen sink

trailer for kids or gear

hooks to the bike & pulls easily

car rack

carry your bike on the car

bike case for airline travel

protection from the baggage goons

Be the Sport

membership in cycling organization

meet other cyclists

Lance Armstrong book

gives you goosebumps

cycling videos

watch for fun & motivation