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True Fitness PS 300

True Fitness PS 300
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Reach Your Full Potential with a Quality Home Elliptical

Achieving your fitness goals at home has never been easier with TRUE’s Performance Elliptical machine. This premium, user-focused piece of equipment offers:

12 unique workout programs to constantly challenge and improve your body
TRUE’s Core Drive® system which produces the most natural and stable workout for your fitness level
Removable orthopedic footpads that put less stress on your joints and prevent injury during your workout
HRC® Cruise Control helps you monitor and maintain your target heart rate throughout your workout by automatically adjusting the elliptical’s resistance and speed
TRUE’s Cardio 360™ program that acts as your virtual personal trainer to shape and tone every major muscle group
Innovative side steps for safe mounting and dismounting, as well as the opportunity for upper-body-only workouts
All of TRUE’s ellipticals are manufactured with the highest quality materials and components, so you can train on a commercial-grade machine for a fraction of the cost. Add the PS300 Elliptical to your home gym today!